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Any book by Peter James

Any book by Peter James

8 different titles were read, 6 of them featured the detective Roy Grace (RG)

DEAD SIMPLE (RG) was the first of his Roy Grace stories.  Five wealthy men had a rather drunken stag party and the prank went badly wrong leaving the groom buried alive and 3 others killed in a road accident.  The story revolved round finding who planned for this to happen.  A good read.

NOT DEAD YET (RG) A glamour girl is making a film.  There is much revengeful action but the book was found to be plodding with too many characters and too good to be true.  RG has a wife and a pregnant girlfriend.

LOVE YOU DEAD (RG) has many murdered husbands, plastic surgery and one character has a chip on the shoulder.  It was not gripping and the reader did not finish reading it.

DEAD MAN'S GRIP (RG) There were off-kilter events.  A lady was murdered, a lorry driver disappears, a student on a bike was killed as was a man released from prison.  They appear to be revenge killings for something they personally did not do.  The Mafia is involved.

DEAD MAN'S TIME (RG) An elderly man's sister is murdered.  In the end the several strands come together but the book was found to be boring.

YOU ARE DEAD (RG) A man is bullied at school and rejected. The psychology was good and the police procedure which showed the enormous team working behind investigations, was very interesting.

DREAMER   Psychological.  A 7-yr old girl witnesses a rape and years later is troubled by nightmares and dreams that come true. Her banker husband's friend features.  The girl works in an office.  It was difficult to know the purpose of the book.

ABSOLUTE PROOF   An investigative reporter tries to follow the clues given to him by an elderly man who later, is killed.  The Holy Grail proves elusive.  The story was thought to be a bit ridiculous.

Most of the books had short chapters and some of the group liked that, others found it irritating, jumpy, interrupting the flow.  Roy Grace is troubled by his frequent absence from the family home.  The first wife seems to be a puzzle but no real reasons were found for this. The RG books can stand alone but as many of the characters appear in subsequent books, it may be best to read them in order.  Revenge often appears.

There was a great diversion within group between those who enjoyed the story they read and would read more Peter James books and those that did not and would not.

Review by Ruth Westley



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